Gold Coast Won’t Take Any Players With Asthma To China

Rodney Eade confirmed

Gold Coast Won’t Take Any Players With Asthma To China

Gold Coast coach Rodney Eade says that the club won’t be taking any players with respiratory conditions like asthma to Shanghai for their game against Port Adelaide next week.

China is in the grip of a huge sandstorm at the moment which is set to increase already high pollution levels in Shanghai, and Eade said on the Sunday Rub today that means that they won’t be taking any players who could be adversely affected by the poor conditions.

“That smog… hopefully there’s no respiratory problems,” Rocket said.

“We won’t take any players who have got asthma or have got respiratory problems anyway.

“So that’ll have to all be decided on Tuesday, so there may be some changes.”

Eade was coy about which players in the group actually have those conditions when pressed though, preferring to keep that info close to his chest.

“No, no, we’ll keep that quiet and see how we go,” he said.

The first ever game for premiership points in China takes place in Shanghai between Port and the Suns next Sunday at 3:15 AEST.

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