Harry Taylor Responds To A Massive Whack From Judge Juddy

Fires right back!

Harry Taylor Responds To A Massive Whack From Judge Juddy

(Image: Triple M)

Harry Taylor has responded to Chris Judd's massive whack, saying he doesn't think Juddy would want to spill Gatorade in Geelong's new facilities either.

Judd gave him three votes for worst on ground during a recent Judge Juddy segment, one of the most scathing worst ons yet.

"Chainsaw Harry Taylor" copped the three votes for cutting more jobs, with the Gatorade showers banned down at the Cattery.

How did Harry Taylor respond after the game?

"I'm intrigued to listen to that!" he said.

"Very good by Juddy in terms of bringing up the politics. I'm not sure if he's angling towards a profession once he moves out from the AFL circles."

Taylor said you'd be wise not to shower Geelong's new facilities in Gatorade.

"If he was down in these rooms like I am now, I don't think he'd want to spill a drop either," he said.

"It is unbelievable - we're very, very lucky to be in these facilities.

"I'd be happy to take Juddy for a tour if he wanted to look around."

Juddy took those words with optimism.

"Sounds like Harry Taylor's thinking about revisiting the policy!" he said.