Hawthorn's List Manager Confirms There Are More Delistings To Come

'We'll work through our numbers.'

Hawthorn's List Manager Confirms There Are More Delistings To Come (Image: Getty)

Hawthorn list manager Graham Wright has confirmed one or two more Hawks are likely to be delisted.

The Hawks have four more players out of contract - Billy Hartung, Kurt Heatherley, Jono O'Rourke and Kade Stewart - and will use three picks in the upcoming draft.

It could spell the end at Hawthorn for some of those players, with Wright saying the club is trying to work out whether they'll retain "two players or three players" from that group.

"We'll take three picks in the draft...it'll be 43, 67 and 75," he told HawksTV.

"We've got four uncontracted players, so we'll work through our numbers, certainly salary cap wise, and our overall numbers just to work out whether we retain two players or three players or whatever it is out of that group of four.

"It's a difficult time for them but we just need to work out list spots and list management and how we actually get everyone in and get everyone in under the cap."

Wright also confirmed it rules the Hawks out of picking up a delisted free agent.

Hartung played 18 of a possible 22 games this year but was reportedly shopped around in the trade period.

O'Rourke again struggled with hamstring problems across 2017, while Stewart and Heatherley found themselves in and out of the AFL side over the season.