Hugh McCluggage " I want to be part of a club that goes from down here to up the top"

Brisbane young gun loves being a Lion

Hugh McCluggage " I want to be part of a club that goes from down here to up the top" Getty Images

Brisbane Lions Hugh McCluggage has claimed bragging rights as the clubs best golfer....for now

The close knit group had a Masters style golf day yesterday with Hugh McCluggage claiming the "Ivory jacket" in a "nail biter" after Dayne Zorko hit the water on the last hole!

"It's an event we hold every now and then, we've got a fair few keen golfers in the group so we head out to different courses and play a jacket event...all the boys love it!'


2016 Number 3 Draft pick Hugh McCluggage loves living in Brisbane, 

"The boys are really good, I've got a lot of really good mates here already and everyone's really close. I think a lot of boys talk about that, how close the playing group is so that definitely helps moving away and all that sort of thing" 

But all fun aside, it's success that drives the 20 year old

"I want to be part of a club that goes from down here to up the top, that's what really excites me, hopefully we can do that we've already seen a lot of growth obviously so yeah that probably excites me the most"

McCluggage put in a heap of work in the gym over pre-season, putting on 5 kilos in order to get better at winning contested ball and to avoid the dreaded second year blues. "I'm about just improving every game I go out there....I just focused on how I was going to get better rather than just thinking it was just going to happen for me."

The Lions have been in all three games in season 2018 but haven't been able to seize on the big moments - "Obviously we're getting in games now a lot more, we've been in every game this so that's the exciting thing but it's those moments where you've got to stand up and play the way the team wants to play and not try and do your own thing, that's what the best teams do and that will help us win those close games"

Ahead of Dayne Beams 150th game, McCluggage had nothing but praise for his captain, "He's awesome, he's really personal....he was really good for us when we got up here...he's a really good midfielder everyone knows that, but more so off the field he wants to get to know you, have you for dinner and yeah, teach you the ropes I guess off the field as well"

Hear the full chat below and listen to the Lions take on Richmond at the MCG this Saturday on Triple M Footy