Hutchy Speaks Out About The Footy Show’s Poor Ratings

"I probably take it to heart"

Hutchy Speaks Out About The Footy Show’s Poor Ratings

By Rudi Edsall

The Footy Show host Craig Hutchison has responded to the recent discussion around the show’s ratings.

Hutchy responded to comments made earlier this week by Herald Sun head footy writer Mark Robinson in which Robbo suggested that Hutchison has driven The Footy Show into the ground.

Speaking on the podcast he does with Damian Barrett, The Sounding Board, Hutchy said that some perspective is necessary.

“It’s probably a good chance to have a philosophical chat about how ratings work,” Hutchison said.

“The first thing is, The Footy Show is as exposed to a ratings number as any show in town.

“It’s endlessly fascinating to people what it rates."

Hutchy suggested The Footy Show is a victim of its own high standards.

"In its heyday — when television was in its heyday — when there were no other choices and no other second or third use of platforms it rated monstrous numbers and that was probably the peak of its powers, and I don’t think anyone disputes that," he said.

“Interestingly last week, if you use last week as an example, The Footy Show went up against the game, Sydney and West Coast, after having done a couple of Wednesday shows before it, it’s won its slot, won its free to air slot, which is ostensibly the job it’s gotta do, to beat 7 and 10.

Albeit, the game did take some good numbers off it.”

Hutchy did concede that the show could be doing better.

“Would we love it to be going a bit better than it is in terms of numbers? Absolutely,” he said.

“Will the scrutiny be on me because of that? So it should be.”

Hutchy also said he was aware it’s his responsibility to turn it around and defended the show’s content.

“The ratings have been just ok,” he said

“I’m the single biggest difference to last year so it’s my job to win people over and I haven’t been able to do that yet.

“I reckon the show’s been really good,” he said.

“The Gary Ablett night was fantastic, I think Tony Lockett was exceptional.

“It’s a shame not as many people got to see the Sam Newman putt last week because I thought it was magnificent.”

He also said that he has no issue with Robbo taking him to task over the show’s lacklustre performance.

“I have no problem about Robbo highlighting the ratings or having a go at me… the proof will be in the pudding at the end of the year,” he said.

“It’s an ensemble show, it’s a team effort, I probably take it to heart that the numbers aren’t absolutely airborne, but that said they’ve been pretty good.”