Jake King Charged With Possessing Steroids

'They are no more than allegations.'

Jake King Charged With Possessing Steroids Image: Getty

Former Richmond AFL player Jake King is worried he'll lose his job after being charged with possessing steroids.

The ex-footballer faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, where his lawyer Geoffrey Steward revealed the 33-year-old has been charged with two new steroid offences.

Mr King also faces charges of extortion, making threats to kill, and threatening to inflict serious injury against Tony Mokdissi in 2017.

Mr Steward told the court Mr King is set to enter a deal with prosecutors, who will likely withdraw some charges in exchange for a guilty plea for others.

It's unclear what charges will be withdrawn, but Mr Steward tried to prevent the media from reporting the new steroid charges amid concerns it would affect Mr King's post-football career.

"If it's published and they are subsequently withdrawn, for him to lose his job," the barrister outlined his concern.

"There's a real likelihood that those charges could be withdrawn."

But magistrate Franz Holzer said the charges were in the public interest.

"I emphasise they are no more than allegations," he said.

The court was not given details of Mr King's post-footy employment.

He faces two counts of possessing testosterone on July 5, 2017, according to charge sheets.

He is also accused of threatening to shoot and break Mr Mokdissi's legs and that of his family if he did not pay him $150,000 within four weeks in May 2017.

Mr King retired from professional football in July 2014.