JB Accuses Saints Of "Picking And Choosing"

St Kilda's pressure "just evaporated"

JB Accuses Saints Of "Picking And Choosing" Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s James Brayshaw has accused St Kilda of “picking and choosing” when they decide to apply pressure to the opposition.

The Saints’ season continued to nosedive on the weekend after they suffered their fifth defeat to Melbourne by 39 points. 

St Kilda are now languishing in 16th spot on the ladder with just one win and one draw and JB doesn’t understand why their effort levels fluctuate so wildly during games.

“If I’m a St Kilda fan, what I’m most disappointed with yesterday was for about 14 minutes they brought significant all-ground heat and got the game back on terms and closed the scoreboard down, and then it just evaporated,” JB told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday.

“If I’m a fan of that club, I’m looking at it going, ‘Well, if you can bring it for 14 minutes, where’s the rest?’ 

“They’re not a rabble. When they get it right, that pressure part of their game, the rest clicks into place but then it just goes.

“I hate using this term, because the St Kilda players will get really annoyed, but that’s picking and choosing for me. That’s choosing, ‘right, we’ll bring it now’ – but then it’s gone again. How does that work?”