JB, BT Deeply Worried About Rule Changes

"I'm super dooper worried”

JB, BT Deeply Worried About Rule Changes Image credit: AAP

Triple M Footy's James Brayshaw and Brian Taylor have expressed their deep concerns about the potential myriad rule changes that will be introduced for the 2019 AFL season. 

BT told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Wednesday that he was “super dooper” worried about the changes while JB couldn’t understand why the proposed changes wouldn’t first be trialled in practice matches instead of being brought straight in for the season proper.

“I’m worried that it’s going to affect the fabric of what we all know is football and it’s going to change the look of it,” BT said.

“I can’t come to terms with it changing. In other words, just say the starting positions (for example) – six, six, six – I can’t come to terms with that being the case.”

JB held similar reservations to BT.

“We’ve got the JLT (Series) for trialling these things, surely they won’t just bring them straight into the regular season,” JB said. 

“We’re talking 150 years of footy. Surely if there are these measures that the want to have a look at ... surely we can go, ‘Righto, let’s not do it next round one, let’s have a look at 50 games of JLT with what we’re proposing and then we take that into the start of 2020’. 

“You can’t kneejerk it into round one, surely.”