James Brayshaw Explains What Led To Brad Scott's Explosive Comments

Spoke on the Saturday Rub.

James Brayshaw Explains What Led To Brad Scott's Explosive Comments

(Image: Triple M/AFL)

North Melbourne president James Brayshaw has explained the moments that led to coach Brad Scott's explosive post-game comments.

Scott had plenty to say on the umpiring in his post-match press conference, which North Melbourne withdrew in a media statement today.

Brayshaw told the Saturday Rub what led to Brad Scott's comments.

"Basically what happened was an on-ground (North Melbourne) official thought he'd heard what had exchanged between the player and the umpire," explained Brayshaw.

"It was around a free kick that had been paid to a Hawthorn player and the North Melbourne player said to the umpire along the lines of 'what the hell's going on'. 

"The official thought the response to that had been the reason why you're not getting them paid at the other end is because the player ducks his head. So that made its way back up to the box and inflamed the situation.

"This morning it's come to light that actually wasn't what was said to the player at all, and the player said to the club that's not actually what happened and then the official immediately put his hand up and said 'well that's 100% my fault'."

Brayshaw said the fast-paced environment of footy was no excuse for Scott's comments.

"It's very tough when you're a senior coach," said Brayshaw. "It's a stressful, heated environment.

"But (it) doesn't matter, you still require a level of composure no matter where you are or what you're doing."

He said Scott was still a strong ambassador for North Melbourne.

"Brad speaks, I think, unbelievably well for our footy club," he said. "We don't have an issue with him speaking on behalf on the footy department, on behalf of the club.

"It's not a usual practice that we need to find out what he's going to say prior to him saying it."

The AFL is seeking an apology over the incident.