Adelaide Press Conference "A Shambles"

JB doesn't hold back

Adelaide Press Conference "A Shambles" Image credit: AAP

Triple M Footy’s James Brayshaw has described Adelaide’s press conference on Saturday as “a shambles” and “embarrassing”.

Crows coach Don Pyke and football manager Brett Burton fronted the media opportunity in a bid to clear the air with regards to their highly-publicised pre-season training camp run by controversial company Collective Minds, whom they have since severed ties with. 

However, JB told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday that Pyke and Burton ended up leaving the footy public with more questions than answers. 

“‘Shambles’ would be the word I’d use to describe it and embarrassing - especially the line where the head of footy Brett Burton started piling into the press and saying, ‘We just find a lot of what has been reported about what happened on the camp laughable and farcical’, and whatever the words he used were,” JB said. 

“The press turned around and said, ‘Alright, well tell us what did happen’. (And Burton responded with) ‘Oh no, we’re not going to be doing that’. It was just embarrassing.

“You can’t do that – not in 2018, it just does not work ... I always said in a previous life at North Melbourne (as chairman), ‘Tell 100 percent of the truth 100 percent of the time’, because you’re not going to get away with any of it in 2018.”