JB: Prepare For Average Finals

"10-12 teams aren’t great"

JB: Prepare For Average Finals Getty Images

Triple M Footy's James Brayshaw fears that this year’s finals series will feature “two or three” average teams. 

It’s fair to say that JB isn’t totally enamoured with the standard of footy across the board so far this year, describing some skill errors as “frightening”. 

And he told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday that the lack of genuinely good teams will adversely impact September. 

“I reckon at least two or maybe three pretty ordinary sides will play finals footy this year,” the former North Melbourne chairman said.

“Because I reckon there’s about 10-12 teams in the comp who aren’t great and there’s about four or five that are pretty good.

“From 12 to six, I reckon there are teams in there that’ll probably end up playing in a final and won’t be great.”

Damian Barrett added: “I reckon it goes down to 12 (on the ladder) at this stage, I can’t see anyone beneath 12th (making the finals).”