James Brayshaw's Solution To The Third Man Up Rule

"I reckon..."

James Brayshaw's Solution To The Third Man Up Rule

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James Brayshaw has said the AFL must scrap the nomination process in the controversial third man up rule.

The new rule requires two ruck men to nominate for the ruck contest, with anyone else contesting the ruck outside the two conceding a free kick.

It's caused plenty of controversy, including during last night's Good Friday game.

JB thinks it needs to go.

"Get rid of the whole nomination bit, I reckon," he said on Triple M.

"You have two ruckman there, or two people who are going to contest the ruck...and then if a third ruckman goes up from any team, it's a free against. 

"Why do we have to nominate who it's going to be?"

JB said it's the whole nomination process that has caused the confusion with the new rule, not necessarily the elimination of the third man up.

"The only reason I think we've got any confusion is the nomination process," he said.

"So just eliminate that and say righto, if more than two people contest the ruck then whoever the third is will be infringed against, then move on.