Jason Dunstall Rates The Swans As Big Movers

'They look a very different side'

Jason Dunstall Rates The Swans As Big Movers

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Triple M Footy's Jason Dunstall believes that if any team was going to sneak into the top 8 from here - it's 2016 Grand Finalists Sydney.

"We were all saying when they were 0-5 that no team had ever made finals from 0-5," Dunstall said on The Rush Hour.

"I reckon they’ll make it from 0-6."

"That’s how good they’re starting to look. They’ve got momentum back - the midfielders are all starting to chime in."

"Now all of a sudden (LukeParker and (DanHannebery are giving Josh Kennedy a chop out and they look a very, very different side."

"We know when you’ve got Buddy (Franklin) up forward you can do plenty of things."

"There’s a few kids that are starting to play good footy - so I think they’ll make the 8. Which is amazing for a team that was 0-6."

"But they’ve got to continue on," he said.

James Brayshaw agreed, saying that the tight nature of the 2017 season would make it easier for the Swans to claw back given how many spots were so hotly contested.