Jay Clark Talks Joe Daniher's Contract

"It'll probably me..."

Jay Clark Talks Joe Daniher's Contract

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Jay Clark has said Joe Daniher could be earning "as much as $800,000 a year" on his next deal.

The 23-year-old is in career-best form, booting 26 goals from nine games, including 10 in the last two weeks.

The big man is out of contract, though, and Clarky reported Daniher's value is skyrocketing.

"He's out of contract at the end of the year, fellas," he said on the Sunday Rub.

"As an athletic key forward who's currently in form, his value is going north.

"In fact, one source said he could be worth as much as $800,000 a year."

Clarky suggested the details of his next deal with Essendon.

"So it'll probably be a three-year deal on, say $700,000-$750,000, (maybe) $800,000 with incentives," he said.

Wayne Carey agreed on his value.

"I think what he's shown this year, and given what we know other players are getting, you're worth what you're prepared to pay," he said.

"He's not going anywhere."