Josh Gibson Names His Favourite Moment On The Field

"This is why you play footy"

Josh Gibson Names His Favourite Moment On The Field (Image: Getty)

Retiring Hawthorn defender Josh Gibson has named the 2013 grand final as the "pinnacle" from his career.

The triple premiership player has had plenty of success on the field across his career, so Triple M's Daisy Pearce quizzed him on the one on-field moment he'll reflect on.

"In terms of a game, I think the ’13 grand final was the pinnacle," he said.

"Because we lost the 2011 prelim to Collingwood when we were in front. I got ahead of myself, the third quarter I was thinking, 'I'm going to be in a grand final parade next week', and we lost.

"(In) '12 we won the minor premiership, (we were the) form term of the year, get to the finals, playing well, lose to the Swans.

"You start thinking, came to Hawthorn to win premierships, these guys won one in '08, are they ready to go to the well again? We had two close encounters the last two years."

Gibson said finally getting over the line after two close calls in 2013 was why it was so memorable.

To finally get across the line in '13 was just that relief, all the work you've done, everything that people tell you about winning a grand final, I just got to experience it and I'm like 'yeah, this is why you play footy, I get it now'," he told Triple M.

"That was a special year and then to have another two great years after that, it was beyond my wildest dreams."