Judge Juddy Takes Aim At Barnaby Joyce

"It's only fair!"

Judge Juddy Takes Aim At Barnaby Joyce

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Chris Judd has taken aim at Barnaby Joyce is his Judge Juddy segment.

Joyce didn't cop the three votes - that went to Judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma who claimed peacocks don't have sex and mate through tears - but instead notched up the two.

Joyce spoke during the week about a plan to kill off carp using a strain of herpes.

"Two votes for worst on ground goes to Barnaby Joyce," he said.

"Barnaby Joyce is going to give these carp herpes...nothing says I hate you like a bout of herpes."

He took aim at everyone - inside and outside the studio!

"(Joyce) is being labelled Infector Gadget up there in Canberra," he laughed.

"And I know herpes is close to your heart, Browny!"

Listen to Judge Juddy: