Kevin Sheedy: Anzac Day Game Shouldn't Change Teams

'You should reward then.'

Kevin Sheedy: Anzac Day Game Shouldn't Change Teams Image: Triple M

Essendon legend Kevin Sheedy doesn't believe the Anzac Day fixture should change teams, saying the clubs should be rewarded for setting up the great occasion.


"I don't think it should change, in answer to your question," he told Triple M before the game.

"(Graeme) 'Gubby' Allan and I set up the meeting with (RSL president) Bruce Ruxton and the rest is history.

"Why should you take it off people that actually work on ideas? You should reward them. And hopefully we get it right."

However, Sheedy did say he hoped every player in the league could experience the occasion.

"Every club and every city in Australia should have that experience," he said.

"It is a sacred time that we should sit and look back and say, well, we are lucky to live in this country. We tend to forget that sometimes."