KG Expresses His Disappointment With Charlie Cameron

'This is the one I'm hot on.'

KG Expresses His Disappointment With Charlie Cameron (Image: Getty)

Ken 'KG' Cunningham says he’s disappointed Cameron is turning his back on the support from Adelaide and Eddie Betts in particular.

Cameron has made it clear he wants to return home to Brisbane in this trade period, with the Crows and Lions discussing a trade for the contracted forward.

KG said on Dead Set Legends he was disappointed Cameron has turned his back on the support he's received, particularly from Betts, who took him under his wing and into his home.

"I'm amazed that not more has been made of the Charlie Cameron situation. This is the one that I'm hot on," he said on Saturday.

"Charlie Cameron came to us on the rookie list, an unknown player, (and he) has now started to play the football the Adelaide Football Cup knew that he had in him.

"It was tough to come here, but the Betts family - and this is the part that really irks me - Eddie Betts and his family took the young fella, the indigenous young player, under his wing, took him into his home, made him feel a part of the family, virtually turned him like a son. He was a part of the family."

KG called it a "cop out", knowing that if you go into the national and rookie draft you could land anywhere in the country.

"He still has one more year on his contract to go and he's made the point I want to go back to Brisbane, I'm homesick. That is a bloody cop out," he said.

"Every player knows that if you go into the draft, you could finish up anywhere. The part that I'm upset about is the fact that Charlie Cameron has turned his back on Eddie Betts.

"Whoever is advising Charlie Cameron has got the wrong ticket...I know he's only a young boy, but Charlie Cameron, that is a very, very ordinary call."