KG Has A Crack At The Media For Tex Walker Coverage

'They can get stuffed.'

KG Has A Crack At The Media For Tex Walker Coverage (Image: Getty)

Ken 'KG' Cunningham has had a crack at the media for bashing Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker "from pillar to post", labelling it "disgraceful".

Walker has been in the media throughout the week, having a dig at former Crow Jake Lever for choosing money over success in moving to the Demons.

Those comments copped plenty of response.

KG wasn't too thrilled with it, saying Walker's done nothing but stick up for his club as a captain should.

"This last couple of weeks, since the fallout of the AFL grand final, the media towards our captain ‘Tex' Walker has been quite disgraceful,” he said on Dead Set Legends Adelaide.

"He has been bashed from pillar to post. Firstly on the fact that he expressed his disappointment in a blunt way, as a captain should, (about) the fact that Jake Lever is leaving the club. That’s his given right. He’s captain of the side. 

"He’s been referred to as a buffoon by Mark Robinson…that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Caroline Wilson’s given him an enormous serve. And the kid’s done nothing wrong.

"I’m sick to death of picking up the bloody paper every day and copping the spray that ‘Tex’ Walker has been given. It’s been an absolute disgrace...he called it as it is."

Dean Brogan agreed, saying the club has every right to be upset about players leaving, citing Adam Treloar's departure when he was at GWS.

"He’s a captain that wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’s a leader, there’s no question about that," he said on Triple M.

"If he’s captain of the footy club, he does not want to see players leaving the club. He has every right in the world to come out and say ‘I’m not happy he’s leaving’.

"I know with the Giants, people asked for trades. When Adam Treloar asked to be traded from us to go to Collingwood, no one was happy about it. We came out and said we’re not happy about it. 

"But because (it’s) Adelaide, it’s Tex Walker, and maybe the little comment at the end about choosing money over success, maybe that’s got the gripe of the Victorian media a little bit."

KG didn't want a bar of that.

"They can get stuffed," he said.