KG Slams Adelaide's Best And Fairest Snub

'That is childish (and) ludicrous.'

KG Slams Adelaide's Best And Fairest Snub (Image: Getty)

Ken 'KG' Cunningham has slammed Adelaide for reports Jake Lever was told not to attend their best and fairest, calling it "ridiculous" and "childish".

Lever was reportedly told not to attend Adelaide's best and fairest on Friday night after the news he would seek a trade home to Melbourne.

KG expressed his disappointment with the decision, saying the Crows have to be bigger than that.

"I'm so disappointed with the Adelaide Football Club," he said on Dead Set Legends on Saturday morning.

"No doubt the club's disappointed to lose him, they've made that point quite strongly, but he also made the point during the week that he was going to Melbourne, but he was still going to attend the best and fairest, which was held last night.

"When I read in today's press, it really disappointed me enormously that the Adelaide Football Club allegedly said to Jake you're better off not coming to the best and fairest."

KG said Lever, as an Adelaide player who played all year, should have been allowed to go.

"To me, that is ridiculous. It tells the world that there's friction and anger and drama between a young player leaving the club and the Adelaide Football Club," he said.

"You've got to be bigger than that, surely. If the young man wanted to go to the best and fairest, he played all year...the young man should have been able to go. And I think it's quite childish.

"That to me is childish (and) ludicrous. You've got to be bigger than that. You've got to bite the bloody bullet. You're unhappy, (but if) he's gone, he's gone. 

"Don't leave on bad, bad terms. It's childish, it's unprofessional, it's all those things from my point of view."

Tyson Edwards said it could have been a mutual decision between player and club, in case there was any animosity between Lever and other players or supporters.

"I would have thought they would have said it's up to you if you want to come or not," he told Triple M.

"I'd be really surprised if the Crows said don't come."