Labor Promises $25 Million For A Tasmanian AFL Team

"Tasmanians love their footy."

Labor Promises $25 Million For A Tasmanian AFL Team Image: AAP

Tasmania will be one step closer to getting its own AFL club if Labor is elected in the next federal election.

If elected, Labor will give $25 million to support the establishment of an AFL club in Tasmania conditional on the AFL granting a licence to compete in both men's and women's leagues, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said on Saturday.

"Having a permanent AFL presence will not only be good for the Tassie economy - it's great for young players, local clubs and footy followers across the state," Mr Shorten said in a statement.

The opposition leader concedes it won't be an easy task but says after years of being "strung along on the possibility of a team," Tasmania "deserves" progress.

The funds will support a new club including facilities and local player development in Tasmania.

"Tasmanians love their footy, and while several clubs have made the state a second home over the years, it's another thing altogether to have a club wearing a Tassie jumper and representing the state day in, day out," Mr Shorten said.

One million dollars of the funds will go towards developing Tasmanian VFL and TAC sides after the AFL confirmed they would be competing in the coming years.