Leigh Montagna On The Time He Met With Another Club

"I’m sure it’s pretty common to do it."

Leigh Montagna On The Time He Met With Another Club (Image: Getty)

St Kilda veteran Leigh Montagna has discussed the time he met with another club, saying he was just doing "some due diligence" to ensure he had some back-up options.

Montagna joined the boys on Triple M's Friday Huddle to make his commentary debut.

The boys were discussing the Dustin Martin saga and his meeting with North Melbourne, where Montagna admitted the free agency scene is evolving.

“It happens, and I think it’ll continue to evolve more as the dollars get bigger and free agency becomes more popular," he said.

"I just think it's part of the maturing of the AFL we need to get our head around."

Darce asked Joey if he’d ever met with another club, which he confirmed.

“I did meet with another club,” he told Triple M.

“That year was after the season, so I’ve never done it in season. But I’m sure it’s pretty common to do it."

He didn’t mention the club, but said he felt some “uneasiness” about his security at the Saints a few years ago.

“it’s been said that I did consider my options during that Scott Watters era, when we knew that we were rebuilding and were moving on other players,” he said.

“A few of the older players sensed a bit of uneasiness that things might have been happening, so it was just some due diligence, just to make sure that if things weren’t going to go to plan that there were other options."

"It was nothing that was ever seriously considered."