Leigh Montagna Speaks Out About His Farcical 50m Penalty

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Leigh Montagna Speaks Out About His Farcical 50m Penalty

St Kilda veteran Leigh Montagna has spoken out about the bizarre 50 metre penalty he had paid against him in the game against Geelong at Etihad Stadium yesterday.

Montagna had a free kick paid against him then a subsequent 50m penalty after the umpire thought he’d sworn.

He discussed the incident on the Monday Rub ahead of Triple M’s coverage of the Richmond v Melbourne blockbuster.

“I’d just given away a free kick just before that, I tried to nudge big Zac Smith the Geelong ruckman under the football and I thought I did it reasonably well,” Montagna said.

“The umpire paid a free kick, and then as the player ran off I ran past and said ‘Jeeze that was a soft bump’ and he’s blown the 50!”

Understandably, Joey was confused.

“I thought it was just because I back chatted him,” he said.

“Then he mentioned he thought I’d dropped the C word that sorta sounds a bit like bump.

“I said ‘nah nah, that’s absolutely not correct,’ and to his credit he apologised.

“He said ‘look if I’ve got that wrong, I apologise’ which is good.

“But the problem was he’d already paid a 50 metre penalty!”

Listen to Joey chat about his 50m penalty here: