Listen To Howie Read Out Parts Of Skull’s Notebook

Some gold in here!

Listen To Howie Read Out Parts Of Skull’s Notebook Image: Triple M Cricket

Ever since the start of the first Test of the summer, Mark Howard has been talking about Kerry O’Keeffe’s mythical notebook.

It has been said to contain every thought Skull has on a wide range of topics, and today it was proven to be the case.

During the luncheon interval, Howie got a hold of the notebook and read out parts of its content.

It’s fair to say it was a bizarre peek into the mind of Skull.

Have a listen to Howie reading through Skull’s notebook here:


It covered everything from Skull’s XI for the first Ashes Test to his favourite Bee Gees track, and at one point veers from his thoughts on the Wallabies to his three favourite ice cream flavours (butter pecan at number one.)



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