Listen To The Saturday Rub’s Tribute To Drew Morphett

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Listen To The Saturday Rub’s Tribute To Drew Morphett Image: Screenshot

After the shock news about Drew Morphett’s untimely passing overnight, the Saturday Rub crew paid tribute to the legendary broadcaster off the top of the show today.

James Brayshaw led the tributes, reminiscing about his mate ‘Mort’ who worked extensively with JB’s dad.

“Not only [was Morphett] one of the great modern broadcasters across all sports, not just our favourite sport of AFL footy,” JB said.

“But also [he was] a terrific man… I don’t he reckon he leaves with one person not having a fond memory of him.”

Damian Barrett remembered Morphett as an innovator for his work outside of Victoria.

“He was someone who I think trail blazed in many ways, with the national approach that he had via the ABC platform,” Damo said.

“People just liked him, he was always the life of the conversation, he was irreverent at times but at the right times.”

Brian Taylor also spoke of Morphett’s influence outside of footy’s heartland (at the time) of Victoria.

“My initial memories of Drew were as a young kid in Western Australia, all we got in terms of VFL was The Winners (Morphett’s ABC show),” he said.

“Sunday, I think 6 or 6:30, after Countdown, that’s all we hung out for.

“That was my introduction to Drew Morphett, and then to come to Melbourne and work with the guy… he was just fantastic.”

Wayne Carey spoke of his own similar memories.

“I was just a young boy growing up in Wagga, and we only got Game Of The Day and we got The Winners on as well,” he said.

“That was where I first saw Drew, and only just recently out the back here (at the MCG)… he was always a guy that would say g’day.

“He had your respect straight away.”

Triple M’s Dennis Cometti — a legendary sports broadcaster in his own right — called in and gave his own emotional tribute.

“I first got to know Drew in 1973 at the ABC in Perth… he’d come from New South Wales and he learnt footy in WA,” Cometti said.

“I used to stay Drew in Melbourne when I was doing the Test cricket.”

He described Morphett as a happy character.

“He was a larger than life character, a fine broadcaster and a man who always was happy,” he said.

“I never saw him with a frown… he just brought happiness into a room.”

Listen to the full tribute to Drew Morphett here: