Listen To The Thursday Huddle Boys Take The Piss Out Of The Article Juddy Wrote This Week

Is Juddy getting a bit ahead of himself?

Listen To The Thursday Huddle Boys Take The Piss Out Of The Article Juddy Wrote This Week Image: The Age

Triple M Footy’s own Chris Judd is a genuine legend of the game.

He has two Brownlows, captained a flag, won a Norm Smith and was All-Australian six times.

However some of the Triple M Footy team reckon the great man may have gone a touch big for his boots in retirement.

Juddy wrote an article in Fairfax Media during the week that copped a hefty spray from Steve Price on Twitter:



So of course the lads had to have a read through it and take the piss out of it.

Listen here:

There is a heaviness that comes with success, as the Tigers will learn throughout this season,” Juddy wrote.

“Human beings, like many other animals, have social hierarchies and success in someone’s chosen field - be it sport, business, music or any other profession - pushes them up the social ladder.

“At a subconscious level, and from an evolutionary perspective, this move up the ladder increases the prospect of finding a partner, producing offspring and keeping those offspring safe and healthy once they’re born.”

This caused some rolled eyes, and the boys felt that Juddy might be getting a bit big for his boots after he compared himself to Donald Trump.

“I am your biggest supporter, I could not be more in your corner, but I’m starting to drop off Juddy,” Luke Darcy said.

“I’m starting to lean towards Steve Price on this,” Damian Barrett said.

Despite all the criticism, Juddy was pretty happy with himself.

“I sent it off, and my initial thought was ‘Juddman, you’ve done it again’,” he said.

“And I’m not hearing anything to contradict that!”

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