Lleyton Hewitt Gets Completely Stitched Up During Patrick Dangerfield Interview

'Threw me under a bus!'

Lleyton Hewitt Gets Completely Stitched Up During Patrick Dangerfield Interview Image: Getty

Lleyton Hewitt joked he was "thrown under a bus" by Channel 7 reporter Nathan Templeton during an interview with Patrick Dangerfield.

Templeton was interviewing the Geelong champ courtside during the match between Rafael Nadal and Marin Cilic on Tuesday night when Templeton asked how he'd go tackling the number one seed.

"Paddy, we’re just marvelling at the power in Rafa’s legs. How do you think you’d go tackling him?" Templeton asked.

"I don’t think I’d be any good, he’s a supreme athlete, that’s for sure," Danger said.

It prompted Templeton to echo Hewitt - an avid Adelaide man - and say that Danger didn't tackle when he played for the Crows.

"Just, Lleyton’s in commentary. He reckons you didn’t tackle when you played for the Crows anyway. Is that correct?" he asked.

Danger chimed back with a dig of his own.

"It’d be hard to tackle Lleyton, because he’s so bloody short!” he laughed.

"(I tackle) a little bit more, now."

Danger sent another warning to Hewitt and the Crows by teasing that Geelong would recruit a couple of their players next off-season.

"We might just be trying to pinch a few of Lleyton’s boys, I reckon, next year. Rory Laird would be alright. Maybe another Rory," he said.

“Rory Sloane?” Templeton asked.

“Oh he’d be alright as well,” Dangerfield smiled.

Hewitt was given the floor to respond, calling the question from Templeton "pretty rough".

“I think Nathan just threw me under a bus! Yeah, pretty rough there actually,” he said.

“Paddy was fantastic and the Crows did knock out Geelong in the prelim final last year, we just weren’t able to get it done on grand final day.

“Geelong’s going to be a tough force this year, obviously with the inclusion of Gary Ablett, the superstar.

“Just stay away from those Rorys, mate. They’re staying in South Australia."