Lower Leg Injury For Geelong Forward James Parsons

"He could be cooked for tonight."

Lower Leg Injury For Geelong Forward James Parsons (Image: Channel 7)

Geelong forward James Parsons is battling an ankle injury.

Parsons went down to the rooms after hurting his ankle in a contest early in the second term.

He returned with his ankle strapped, but it didn't seem like that was enough, according to Triple M boundary rider Michael Roberts.

"Real dilemma for James Parsons, another fitness right in front of me," he said.

"Boot back on and discussing his future for the game."

Roberts went into more detail at half time.

"He could be cooked for tonight," he said.

"He can't put a loaded weight through the ball of his foot, right side, and the lateral side of his ankle.

"He may have brought this into the game, he's tweaked something...they're going to have rub some new form or some magic lotion into his ankle to get him up for the second half."