Luke Beveridge And Damien Hardwick Reveal Their Confusion

'Is this Fawlty Towers?'

Luke Beveridge And Damien Hardwick Reveal Their Confusion

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The deliberate out of bounds rule has again come under fire, with Luke Beveridge and Damien Hardwick expressing their confusion.

A number of decisions were made that caused plenty of controversy during the Western Bulldogs' five-point win over Richmond.

Beveridge had a sense of humour about the whole saga.

"Is that what the crowd were yelling out? 'Insufficient intent! Insufficient intent!'," he said post-match.

"Ultimately if you're kicking it out of a pressured situation and there's smothering hands, the ball needs to go a certain way for you to clear the area. Now, is that insufficient intent?

"I don't know how it went tonight. There were definitely ones that weren't paid that were paid last week, so the insufficient intent, is it clearer or less clear? I don't know.

"I feel like, is this Morecambe and Wise or Fawlty Towers? I'm not sure."

Hardwick was a little more reserved in his comments, saying he feels for the umpires.

"I actually feel really sorry for the umpires, the amount of interpretations they've got to make. We just keep adding layer upon layer, so I don't blame the umps at all," he said. 

"The holding the ball rule, how many interpretations are in that? It's not their fault they've got to go through five decisions to make an actual decision, so I actually think they do a pretty good job to be honest under the circumstances."