Luke Darcy Goes Into Bat For Paddy Dangerfield

On the Friday Huddle

Luke Darcy Goes Into Bat For Paddy Dangerfield Image: Getty

Luke Darcy has gone into bat for Patrick Dangerfield after the Cats star copped criticism for comments he made about the AFL tribunal.

Dangerfield slammed the tribunal after Sam Day and Charlie and Ed Curnow were initially not suspended for umpire contact.

Dangerfield’s Geelong teammate Tom Hawkins had accepted a one match ban for the same infraction the week prior.

“I think it was farcical to be honest,” Dangerfield said on Macquarie Radio.

“It’s been a couple of years running that Tom’s worn the brunt of the MRP and that’s fair enough with the jumper punch last season, and now the umpire contact this year.

“And then the following week or the following weeks, the same thing has happened and it hasn’t been consistent.

“I think we’re all scratching our heads as to where the consistency is because I’m a little confused as I think the majority of the AFL world is.”

Dangerfield saw some criticism for the comments, and Darcy (along with Howie and Damo) responded on the Friday Huddle tonight.

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Listen to the full chat about Paddy Dangerfield’s comments here:


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