Luke Hodge Clarifies The 'Catastrophic Change' Comments

"I was about to mention that."

Luke Hodge Clarifies The 'Catastrophic Change' Comments

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Luke Hodge has suggested Alastair Clarkson was taken out of context when it was reported the Hawks were set to make 'catastrophic changes'.

It seemed like Hawthorn were poised to make some big decisions at the selection table, but that fizzled when Will Langford and Kaiden Brand were dropped for returning stars Cyril Rioli and Grant Birchall.

Howie quizzed Hodge on the Friday Huddle on what those comments meant, but both came to the conclusion Clarkson was taken out of context.

"I was about to mention that," he laughed.

"He did, he said it after the St Kilda game, and I spoke to him this week about it.

"He goes: people heard catastrophic change, but what I said was if this continues to happen it might be catastrophic change to the game style or to the playing list or to who's getting picked week in, week out."

Hodge said Clarkson was solely frustrated at the side's performance.

"That was more his frustration, saying we can't continue to perform like this," he said.

"Fair enough, I think any supporter out there (would think) if you have two 86-point losses and a 75-point loss in the space of four weeks, if that continues to happen then there's got to be some changes."