Luke Hodge Responds To Gold Coast Rumour


Luke Hodge Responds To Gold Coast Rumour

Retired Hawk Luke Hodge has responded to a report that he was “seriously considering” an offer to join Gold Coast in 2018.

The report was aired on SEN radio this morning.

“When I got in the car this morning, I had about 15 text messages going ‘What’s going on?’,” Hodgey said on the Better on Paper podcast with David Zita.

“My reply was ‘What the hell are you talking about?',” Hodge said. 

“I think the connection there as far as (Gold Coast goes) is (Suns CEO) Mark Evans”.

Hodge went onto say he spoke to Evans ahead of his 300th and ran into him following his final game in Round 23.

"I rang him for my 300th where we were having a bit of a function afterwards and I wanted to know if he wanted to come down because he's been a big apart of my footy career."

"So that's the two times I've seen him in the last 8 weeks. It (this morning's report) was a big a shock to me as anyone.”