Luke Hodge Reveals His Next Sporting Goal After Footy

What's next for the champ?

Luke Hodge Reveals His Next Sporting Goal After Footy

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Following the announcement of his retirement, Hawthorn champion Luke Hodge joined Triple M's The Winter Breakfast this morning to discuss his glittering career.

Hodge is expected to be highly-sought after in the AFL in a coaching capacity - as well as being dragged into a potential media role - but the former skipper is keeping his sights lower in the short-term.

"I've got a few really good mates who, if all goes well and the body stays well, we'll tick off the New York Marathon," Hodge said to The Winter Breakfast on Triple M.

"I think just small little plans like that are just going to keep your mind active rather than just retiring and not do anything for six months and put on a bit of weight you still want to try (and be) active and exercise.

"I think what I've learnt from when I first got drafted (was) how to take care of yourself and you see so many players that blow out a little bit but then they rein it in because they know how to eat well they know what exercise to do."

Hodge plays his 300th match this weekend against Geelong.

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