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Man Loses Bet, Gets Dustin Martin Haircut

Might regret this one.

Man Loses Bet, Gets Dustin Martin Haircut

(Image: Getty/Imgur)

On a Reddit thread discussing the worst haircuts ever to grace the footy field, Dustin Martin was one of the most upvoted players, alongside the likes of Josh Thurgood, Danny Southern and Nathan Carroll.

Reddit user themilkynipple was quick to suggest if his comment got 150 upvotes he'd replicate Dusty's haircut.

The Reddit community was even quicker to upvote him, well beyond the 150 he needed.

And, credit to him, he certainly delivered.



Brave work.

Another user, 0890, also suggested he'd get a tattoo of Dusty's face if his comment got 1,000 upvotes - it currently sits at over 2,000.

We'll await the results.