Marc Murphy Talks About Dale Thomas’s Spot In Carlton’s Best 22

The skipper speaks

Marc Murphy Talks About Dale Thomas’s Spot In Carlton’s Best 22

Carlton captain Marc Murphy has spoken about Dale Thomas’s spot in the Blues' best 22 amongst well-publicised contract talks between Thomas and the club.

Thomas famously has a trigger — thought to be 15 games — that would guarantee him a contract extension to play on for the Blues next year.

Murphy appeared on the Sunday Rub today and spoke about the effect the contract speculation has had on Thomas and whether or not he’s in the Blues best 22.

“I’m offering plenty of support to him, he’s one of my good mates,” Murphy said.

“I’m on the way out now to watch him play out in Coburg.

“One thing about Daisy, he’s a real team man, real selfless.

“He’s been working real hard on his game, it just hasn’t been clicking for him.”

Murphy is adamant that Daisy is still in the Blues’ best 22.

“We do have a lot of good young talent coming through, [but] I think he certainly is (in Carlton’s best 22),” Murphy said.

“He sees the game really well, he’s really good at directing players around him.

“He’s been playing a role for us up forward, it’s a pretty tough role the half forward flank and you don’t sometimes get on the end of a few.

“It it is a tough spot but as I said before he’s a real selfless player, hopefully it can turn for him and we can see him out there pretty soon.”

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