Mark Baguley Releases Statement On The Jed Lamb Sledge

"I'm extremely disappointed."

Mark Baguley Releases Statement On The Jed Lamb Sledge Image: Getty

Essendon defender Mark Baguley said his Jed Lamb sledge was in response to an "offensive remark", saying he is "extremely disappointed" about the reporting of the story.

Baguley sledged Lamb about his father, who was murdered when Lamb was six, provoking a response from Lamb and coach Brendon Bolton and starting a melee.

The defender said he was unaware, and was responding to an "offensive remark" from Lamb.

The two resolved the matter post-game.

Baguley's statement:

I would like to be extremely clear I was unaware Jed’s father had passed away, nor was it the subject of my comment directed towards Jed.

I was responding to Jed who had made an offensive remark about my physical appearance, something he has done in previous games.

Jed and I resolved the matter after the match and we shook hands. 

I’m extremely disappointed with the reporting of this story as it is not a true reflection of the events that took place on the field.

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