Mattel Has Created A Chairman Of The AFL Barbie

Part of a new range

Mattel Has Created A Chairman Of The AFL Barbie Image: Twitter/@courtwhip

Toy manufacturer Mattel has introduced a series of new Barbies that are captains of industry, including one that is the Chairman of the AFL.

Manufactured for International Women’s Day, the Never Before Barbies range also includes a Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, a First Woman on the Woman, a Governor of the Reserve Bank, a Head of ASIO, and a President of the Australian Olympic Committee.



None of those roles have ever been held by a woman in Australia.

Mattel’s marketing director Chedney Rogers told News Corp that the dolls are intended to create discussion.

“These dolls have been created to spark a conversation around lack of gender diversity in senior leadership positions,” Rodgers says.

“We want to help young girls move beyond historical gender inequality and ultimately inspire them to believe in themselves.”