Max Gawn Reveals His Huge Dumpling Eating Record

Putting The Dump In Dumpling

Max Gawn Reveals His Huge Dumpling Eating Record

On the back of Joey Chestnut winning his 10th ‘Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest’ in New york overnight, Superstar Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn revealed his own huge eating feat.

Speaking to Mark Howard and Lawrence Mooney on MMM’s Winter Breakfast, Gawn revealed he once at 55 dumplings…in one sitting…mid-season. 

Unfortunately for the All-Australian ruckman, he revealed he hasn’t eaten a dumpling since because the 55 he ate in one dinner sitting caused him to be ‘backed up’ for two weeks. 

In further demoralising news for Big Maxy, he didn’t even consume the most dumplings that night, with former-Demon’s rookie James Magner scoffing down 61! 

We’d love to see Gawny go head-to-head with the Sausage King Shane Mumford in an eating contest!

Listen to the audio below: