McGovern's Big Dilemma Ahead Of Hawks Match

Baby coming!

McGovern's Big Dilemma Ahead Of Hawks Match AAP

In the post-game wash-up from last week's blockbuster game between West Coast and Richmond, gun defender Jeremy McGovern revealed to our Triple M Footy Call team the pending dilemma he faces ahead of the Eagles' big trip to Etihad to take on the Hawks.

Baby number 1 is due and McGovern is hoping for a best case scenario.

Hear it here:

It turns out that the great Dennis Cometti was the only one in the call team who reckoned that McGovern should travel next week regardless of what happens with the impending birth, which drew the ire of Cometti's own son and Triple M Footy's stat man in Perth, Mark 'The Beast' Cometti.

If McGovern does not play, Eagles fans can take some solace out of McGovern's reveal that it is in fact a boy, meaning the father/son rule comes into play.