Nathan Brown's List Of 'Blokes That Drink Their Own Bath Water'

He told The Saturday Rub

Nathan Brown's List Of 'Blokes That Drink Their Own Bath Water'

Nathan Brown has named the blokes who he thinks fancy themselves and 'drink their own bath water' this afternoon on The Saturday Rub. 

Browny admitted that he was fairly fond of himself back in his prime and thinks that there should be more players who make it well known how good they are. 


1. Jake Stringer

“Jakey Stringer, he’s 23, he’s an All-Australian, he’s won a premiership… he’s got a little bit ahead of himself, poor old Jake, and I genuinely blame Brian.”

“He loves the fact that he’s called ‘The Package’, but unfortunately at the moment, like Australia Post, poor old Jakey Stringer just isn’t delivering on the weekends.”

2. Aliir Aliir

“Aliir Aliir, I went up to a game up in Sydney last year when he was actually going okay and he had the biggest set of headphones on when he was walking around the ground. During the actual warm-up, poor old Aliir Aliir still had these massive giant headphones on.”

3. Orazio Fantasia

“Another one I blame Brian on is Orazio Fantasia.”

“I don’t completely blame Orazio, but when you are actually asked your nickname is ‘Razzle Dazzle’, he did not do anything to hose that down…. Branded himself ‘Razzle Dazzle’."

4. Patrick Dangerfield

“Paddy Dangerfield is a man who was unbelievable last night, but let’s be honest, he enjoys his own bathwater."

5. Liam Jones

“Liam Jones, had an outstanding year, but I just thought he may have got ahead of himself. He was flying along.”

“Until Buddy Franklin actually pulled the plug out and there was no more bathwater to drink for Liam Jones in the last round.”

6. Adam Treloar

"Adam Treloar, he is very very confident in what he does.”

“Any man that’s happy to go on TV and say that my pre-game ritual is ‘I get in the bath, I shave my left leg first all the time, while I watch the Simpsons, is a man who is probably drinking his own bathwater.”

7. Wayne Carey

“Lastly, to give mention to the great Duck here. He exclusively drinks his own bath water.”

“You are the model of what every other player looks towards as a bath water drinker… the benchmark bath water drinker.”