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Neroli Meadows Hits Back At Mark Robinson Over Recent Herald Sun Article


Neroli Meadows Hits Back At Mark Robinson Over Recent Herald Sun Article

Triple M's Neroli Meadows has hit out at the Herald Sun's chief football writer Mark Robinson for his recent AFLW article.

Robinson wrote in a piece earlier in the week on Erin Phillips, describing the Adelaide star's kiss with wife Tracy upon receiving the AFLW's most valuable player award as "a touch sensual for a number of men".

"Some women will hate that last comment because it detracts from the message. But that’s life," he wrote.

Meadows was fairly displeased with the article, saying on Triple M it detracts from everything Phillips - and the women's competition as a whole - has achieved.

"You read it, you said to your wife there's something a little bit off about this," she told Mark Howard on the Friday Huddle.

"The second line in that is probably as bad as the first line.

"Let's be honest, I think pretty much everyone in this box found that a bit of an uncomfortable line. It detracted from what Erin Phillips has done and to be honest, that kiss was no big deal.

"It's our game, it's Australia's game. This article didn't do anything to help that."

Luke Darcy was fully supportive of Meadows.

"No male that I played with had any difficulty with that at all," he said.

"I looked at that photo and thought, what a brilliant moment, and that was it. Nothing less, nothing more.

"To take it down that path didn't really cover males in general in glory."