North Melbourne Youngster Stretchered Off

Play stopped for several minutes.

North Melbourne Youngster Stretchered Off (Image: Channel 7)

North Melbourne has been hit by injury in the first term against St Kilda, with concerns over Daniel Nielson and Todd Goldstein.

Nielson was stretchered off late in the term after copping a blow to the head in a marking contest.

He went to ground and was rushed to by trainers, with play stopping for several minutes

"The stretcher is out now, they're taking every precaution," Triple M boundary rider Michael Roberts said.

"He's conscious, he's on the stretcher."

He gave the crowd a thumbs up as he stretcher left the field, and received plenty of applause from the fans.

There were also concerns for Goldstein after he went down to the rooms.

He had some concern over his right eye, and was seen holding a bandage against it on the bench late in the term.