Off The Ball Incident Spotted In Bulldogs/GWS

"It will be looked at."

Off The Ball Incident Spotted In Bulldogs/GWS (Image: Channel 7)

Western Bulldogs forward Jack Redpath might be looked at for an incident involving GWS co-captain Phil Davis.

The two were contesting a mark inside 50, with the ball flying over their heads.

Redpath remonstrated with Davis after the contest, appearing to hit him in the throat with an open hand.

Triple M’s Chris Judd kept a close eye on the incident.

“He made a good lead, the ball went over his head, and Phil Davis went to chop his run, if you like,” he said.

“It looked like Redpath just gave him one, either in the throat or in the head. Phil Davis is still looking like he’s struggling from it a bit…he won’t be too happy with that at all.

“It was open hand…probably not a huge deal, but definitely connected him high."
Mark Howard watched the replay.

“It was a bit of a throat chop style scenario from Redpath on Phil Davis,” he said on Triple M.

“It will be looked at, no doubt about that."