Original Singer Of Footy Theme Songs 'Disappointed' With The New Recordings

'It's disappointing to me.'

Original Singer Of Footy Theme Songs 'Disappointed' With The New Recordings Image: Getty

One of the singers of the original AFL theme songs would be "disappointed" if the old recordings are no longer used.

The AFL released new recordings of every AFL theme song - Fremantle, Gold Coast and GWS aside - on Friday to mixed feedback.


John Caddy, one of nine members of The Fable Singers who recorded the original themes nearly 50 years ago, told Fairfax Media he'd be "disappointed" if the AFL went ahead with the change.

Caddy and The Fable Singers do not currently make royalties off the old recordings.

"I'm disappointed to think that the songs that we actually recorded in 1972, and seemed very, very popular, are sort of talked about not being used any more. It's disappointing to me," he told The Age on Friday.

"It makes no difference to me financially because we were just paid for recording them and the day's work, any royalties went to the label."

Caddy is the great-uncle of Richmond premiership player Josh Caddy.

"I understand the interstate clubs weren't recorded by us ... the Swans didn't change theirs even though they went to Sydney. It doesn't mention South Melbourne in it so the Swans kept what we recorded in 1972," he said.

"I'm a bit disappointed to think my voice might not be ringing out over the speakers at the MCG in future if they did drop them all together."