Paddy Dangerfield Doubts He’ll Start At Full Forward Against Adelaide

'It's horses for courses'

Paddy Dangerfield Doubts He’ll Start At Full Forward Against Adelaide Image: Getty

Geelong superstar Patrick Dangerfield doesn’t think he’ll start at full forward in the Cats’ preliminary final against Adelaide next week, despite the tactic’s success against Sydney last night.

Dangerfield was stationed out of the goal square from the start of the game and it threw off Sydney’s normally rigid defence, with the reigning Brownlow Medallist snagging four majors to half time in a dominant display in the Cats’ 15.8 (98) to 5.9 (39) win.

Speaking to the Saturday Rub, Dangerfield said that the ploy worked against Sydney due to their game plan but may not be replicable against the Crows.

“It depends on the opposition you’re playing, Sydney are obviously very one-on-one so it (playing out of the goal square) worked against them last night,” Dangerfield said.

“Whether we go in with the same plan this coming Friday, I doubt it, because Adelaide play a more proactive defence.

“So it’s horses for courses depending on how dangerous we’re looking up forward (and) depending on how long we’ll roll with it.”

Dangerfield also revealed that the decision for him to play forward was made during the week and wasn’t a response to Tom Lonergan’s late out.

“That was pre-planned from I think it was Wednesday that we had our oppo analysis, that was the way we were gonna line up,” he said.

“It was always gonna be a bit of horses for courses depending on the flow of the game and how we were travelling, and it worked well which was pleasing.”

Dangerfield also said it “wasn’t too hard” to stay in position and avoid being sucked up towards the footy.

Listen to the full interview with Dangerfield here:


The Cats take on Adelaide at Adelaide Oval next Friday night for a spot in the grand final.