Paddy Ryder Stopped An Attempted Robbery In His House Last Night

Made a citizen's arrest

Paddy Ryder Stopped An Attempted Robbery In His House Last Night Image: Getty

Port Adelaide ruckman Paddy Ryder made a citizen’s arrest last night after an attempted home invasion last night.

Three home invaders tried to break in to Ryder’s home in Henley beach when the big ruckman confronted them.

The trio fled, but Ryder and his brother chased them in a car.

When they crashed their car, the Ryder brothers caught up with them and made a citizen’s arrest on one of them.



Police believe the intruders had broken into a different house and stolen the car they used to try and escape Ryder, jewellery and cash.

Port Adelaide confirmed the incident themselves in a statement:

The Port Adelaide Football Club can confirm the Ryder family was the victim of an attempted break-in last night.

General Manager of Football, Chris Davies, says it’s fortunate none of the Ryder family was injured during the incident.

“This has obviously been a traumatic experience for Patrick and his family,” Davies said.

“The matter was reported to police at the time and the family and the football club have co-operated with efforts to find and apprehend the offenders involved.

“The club is offering ongoing support to the family and asks that their privacy be respected during this time.”

Neither the club nor the Ryder family wish to make any further comment.