Pair Of Saints Avoid Close Call With Flesh-Eating Sea Lice


Pair Of Saints Avoid Close Call With Flesh-Eating Sea Lice

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St Kilda player Koby Stevens has told reporters he avoided a close call with the same flesh-eating sea lice that tore apart the feet of Melbourne teenager over the weekend.

After Sam Kanizay, 16, went for a quick recovery swim at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton on Saturday night he emerged with his lower legs bitten and bloody.

Reports of the horrific injuries were all over the news, but word hadn't travelled to Stevens who was about to jump into the same beach for a dip on Sunday.

"I've still got my feet today," Stevens joked to reporters today.

"Me and Sammy Gilbert were actually on our way down to the beach and we got the email from Matt Hornsby, our fitness guy, telling us not to go in.

"The whole group got the message of the young bloke who nearly had his feet eaten off down at the beach."

Stevens said he was already aware of similar situations - meaning he'll think twice before jumping in next time.

"A couple of weeks back one of my mates was down the water and he came out with blood on his feet as well," he said.

"You really need your feet for this game, so we were advised not go down there."