Patrick Dangerfield To Pull Back On Media Commitments

'You'll be seeing a whole lot less'

Patrick Dangerfield To Pull Back On Media Commitments

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Triple M's Damian Barrett says Patrick Dangerfield will hold back on his media commitments following this week.

Dangerfield's media profile has skyrocketed since arriving at Geelong, addressing the media twice over his recent suspension this week.

But Damo said on the Friday Huddle the Geelong champ will be pulling it back.

"He has managed to extricate himself out of some arrangements he has organised going into the next couple of weeks," he said on Triple M.

"The origins of it I don't claim to know.

"You'll be seeing...a whole lot less of Paddy Dangerfield between now and at least the finals, and quite possibly beyond.

"There's been a few calls behind the scenes to say that that is going to chance from here on in."

Chris Judd doesn't think Dangerfield's media work would be having a massive impact on the club internally.

"It's horses for courses," he said.

"Some of the stuff 'Aker' (Jason Akermanis) used to do, I could see how that could create a bit more controversy around the players.

"But I think Paddy's stuff is light-hearted. If he's comfortable with it - and he certainly seems to be, he's playing great footy - I don't think that'll be having a huge effect on the club."