Paul Roos Addresses Speculation Around The Collingwood Job

Strong stuff.

Paul Roos Addresses Speculation Around The Collingwood Job (Image: Getty)

Triple M's Paul Roos has ruled out coaching Collingwood, saying he "will not coach" them and hasn't spoken to anyone about possibly doing so.

There has been speculation and suggestions Roos could take over from Nathan Buckley, whose future at Collingwood is still not confirmed beyond this year.

But he flattened that discussion on the Sunday Rub.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone at Collingwood,” he said.

“I will not coach, if I was asked to coach Collingwood, I wouldn’t coach Collingwood."

He said, if the Pies were looking for a new coach, he would be happy toconsult Eddie McGuire in their search.

"Over the last six years...I fielded a lot of calls from a lot of people within the football industry in relation to some of the discussions they were having," he said on Triple M.

"That’s not to be misconstrued with I was offered jobs.

“I’d be happy to have a coffee with Eddie, there’s no problems whatsoever about that."

But he ruled out returning to a football club.

“I’m away pretty much from September 30 to January 15. I’m coming back here for about two weeks to do a number of different engagements," he said.

“My mind is on different things, and I’ve sort of moved on from that.

“So as it sits now, the furthest thing from my mind is getting involved in a football club in any capacity."