Roos: TAC Cup System “Completely Broken”

It needs to be “100 percent reviewed”

Roos: TAC Cup System “Completely Broken” Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s Paul Roos believes the “completely broken” TAC Cup system has played a big part in the drop in skill level across the AFL. 

The 2005 Sydney premiership coach is adamant that the Victorian under-18 competition needs to be “100 percent reviewed” and that a leaf should be taken out of American sports. 

“If you take the NFL as a system, they (rookies) come out of a college system so they’re coming out of an elite program,” Roos told Triple M’s Rush Hour during The Midweek Rub

“Without being too critical, our players aren’t really coming out of an elite program. 

“My son went down to the Sandy Dragons, and this is no disrespect for them, but he arrived and there were 80 kids training. 

“Out of the Swans academy, which is an elite system, there’s 30 kids at that same level – there’s 30 kids training in an elite system at the Swans academy.

“He then goes down to the TAC Cup Sandy Dragons and there’s 80 kids. I’m watching the first session and I’m trying to work out how these kids are going to possibly get better.

“The poor coaches – and we’re paying these coaches 20 or 25 grand - are supposed to be coaching the next generation.

“In my view that system is completely broken and needs to be 100 percent reviewed.”